This tab tracks all your current open positions.

Glossary for the image above: ⤵️ Bitcoin: This is the asset you are currently trading.

Long 3x: The direction of your trade and the amount of leverage.

Entry: This is the USD value of the cryptocurrency at the time you opened the trade.

-$894.23 (-26.38%): This figure shows whether your trade is currently in profit (green) or at a loss (red) and how much that profit or loss is, both in actual value and in percentage format. Also known as PnL.

Collateral: This is the amount of money you have put up, which may be lost in a liquidation.

Liq. Price: This is the price at which your trade will be automatically closed or "liquidated."

Close: By clicking this button you can close your position, and take the profit or losses of your trade.

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