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What is EasyX?

EasyX is the gasless, decentralized leveraged trading platform designed to make it easy and accessible for you to trade top cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, and more, directly from your wallet – with up to 100x synthetic leverage, zero price impact and minimal slippage.

Gasless Trading

In order to enable gasless trading, we have created our own special price feed and order book. This helps protect the protocol from unfair practices like front-running and other bots, while also ensuring that traders receive the most accurate pricing information. With this system in place, traders only need to send one transaction to let the protocol know about their stablecoin allowance. After that, they can trade easily by just signing messages, without incurring any additional costs.

Make it Easy: 1. Select and approve your USDC allowance. 2. Pay the one-time approval fee. 3. Trade by simply signing transactions. 4. Profit!

Synthetic Trading

Synthetic trading means that you're not actually dealing with the real assets or directly trading/transferring tokens on the blockchain. Instead, we match the prices of tokens, which enables us to provide a trading service without experiencing slippage or price changes that are typically observed in less liquid on-chain cryptocurrency markets.

Make it Easy: Neither buying nor selling of cryptoassets is actually taking place on the platform, it's all a simulation bro!

However, profits (and losses) are definitely real.

Zero Price Impact

On EasyX, the tokens are traded synthetically, which means their prices are determined by a pricing oracle. This unique setup ensures that the size of your trades on EasyX does not affect the pricing, resulting in zero price impact.

Make it Easy: Nobody can pump or dump the price of an asset on EasyX, no matter the size of their trades.

Minimal Slippage

On EasyX, price slippage happens when there's a difference between the current price (given by the price oracle) and the price at the moment when the user's transaction is confirmed. Our protocol's design negates frontrunning and other bot attacks, significantly reducing the chance of price slippage occurring.

Make it Easy: You need not to worry about frontrunning in our platform.

Up to 100x Leverage

With EasyX, we offer the opportunity to trade with leverage of up to 100 times the value of the assets you have. Leverage trading allows you to magnify your buying or selling power, potentially leading to higher profits.

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