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What is EasyX?

EasyX is the ideal onboarding tool for beginner traders, aimed at the heart of untapped DeFi market. By offering a simple and easy-to-grasp approach to leverage, our goal is to convert crypto enthusiasts into active pro traders, all through the magic of simplicity.

How old is EasyX, and how can I stay informed about its progress?

We've been building for the past 6 months. Make sure to follow us on Twitter & Telegram to stay always up-to-date regarding the project development.

On what blockchain does EasyX operate?


Do I need KYC to access?

EasyX is a decentralized trading app that requires no KYC to use.

What makes EasyX so special?

Some of the key advantages of EasyX are:

  • Easy to use UI, low fees, and ultra-fast trades, backed by Ethereum's unbreakable security.

  • Advanced trading tools in a simple and easy to grasp format: stop-loss and take-profit orders, all the way up to 100x leverage

  • Trade without worrying about TX fees, with our gasless model

  • Tutorial mode, designed for beginners

  • Trustless Leveraged trading: no KYC checks and independent from central authorities

  • Fully-audited, bleeding-edge Web3 technology: platform is secure, protocol is transparent, and you're in full control of your assets

How does it differ from other competitors like GMX and gTrade?

EasyX stands out from the competition with the following :

  1. Simple terminology.

  2. Intuitive user interface.

  3. No excessive trading features, just enough to make you profit.

  4. Small learning curve.

  5. Practice mode with virtual assets.

  6. Gasless trades.

Is EasyX audited?

EasyX has received multiple audits, both by PeckShield and Halborn.

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