EasyX implements a highly innovative tri-pool model where the tokens available for trading are divided into three separate pools based on their market cap (MC) and volatility.

This tri-pool approach offers additional security by reducing the overall exposure of the pools in the event of external attacks or ecosystem-wide Black Swan events. By diversifying the tokens into different pools based on their characteristics, the impact of adverse events can be contained, providing a more robust and resilient trading environment.

EasyX currently operates three USDC pools, each designed to cater to different risk profiles:

  1. Bluechip Pool: This pool is dedicated to trading the "safest" assets, which have the highest market cap and the lowest expected volatility. These assets are considered to be more stable and less risky.

  2. Intermediate Pool: This pool focuses on trading (TBD) Tokens which have a market cap and volatility that fall between the high-risk and low-risk categories. Additionally, this pool is fully exposed to the assets and trades of the Bluechip Pool.

  3. Degen Pool: The final pool is dedicated to trading the highest-risk assets. These assets generally have lower market caps and can exhibit more extreme price volatility in either direction. Similar to the Altcoin Pool, the Degen Pool is fully exposed to both the assets and trades of the Altcoin and Bluechip Pools.

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