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EasyDrop is the EasyX airdrop which will reward you with $EZX tokens for on-chain activity on Blast Mainnet and Testnet. Complete Actions to earn Points and Spins (which can also be redeemed for Points).


  • Actions reward you with Spins and Points

  • Spins are redeemed for Points

  • Points can be earned without Spins

  • Invite users and get rewarded Points for their activity.

How To Claim The Airdrop

  1. Enter your Invite Code

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. To claim spins your wallet needs to have bridged any amount over to Blast or have a balance of over $500in any of these tokens -ETH/USDC/USDT/DAI on the Ethereum Network

  4. Carry out Actions to start earning points

  5. Invite Friends

How To Earn Points

  • 200 Points - Connect your X (Twitter) account

  • 100 Points - Post a Tweet

  • 100 Points - Subscribe to Telegram

  • 100 Points - Weekly Social Engagements

  • 50 Points - Add Avatar

  • 50 Points - Add Username

How To Get Spins

Spins earn 200-400 Points and are rewarded to users who have bridged ETH to Blast. Users can also receive spins for taking part in weekly campaigns and competitions.

You will receive Spins for the following:

  • 1 Spin per week per 1 ETH bridged to Blast before Mainnet goes live


Invite friends to the EasyDrop and get rewarded Points. You will be rewarded Points based on the activity of your referrals, so it is in your best interest to invite active users to earn more Points.

How To Generate Your First 5 Invites

  • Bridge any amount of assets over to Blast

  • Have a balance of over $500 on Ethereum Network

Invite Rewards

You are rewarded a % of the Points for each of the users you refer. The users you refer are considered as “1st degree” referrals, while the users referred by your referrals, are then your “2nd degree” referrals.

You are rewarded for both as follows:

  • 1st Degree Referral - 16% of their Points

  • 2nd Degree - 8% of their Points


You invite your friend Pepe to participate in the EasyDrop, making him a 1st Degree Referral. This means that for every 100 Points Pepe earns, you earn 16 Points as well. Later on, your friend Pepe decides to invite his friend Bobo to participate in the EasyDrop. Bobo is now a 2nd Degree Referral of yours, and for every 100 Points Bobo earns, you earn 8 Points as well.


Every user you invite to the EasyDrop doubles up as an EasyX Referral and provides you lifetime rewards from their trading fees.

Full Referal Infomation - here.

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